Bill Powell For Circuit Court Judge

Profile from Bill's Web Site: I am a husband, Dad, and a lawyer. I have practiced law all over the state for more than thirty years. I have represented parties on all sides in civil cases, I have served as a prosecutor for the United States in criminal cases, and also defended criminal cases. I am running for Judge because I have the length and depth of experience that the public should expect for someone holding the job of Circuit Court Judge. Importantly, I have the temperament to be fair and make prompt decisions. I believe I can make a difference.

But, to know about my legal background really doesn’t tell you about me.

I have been married for more than 29 years, raised three boys in Berkeley County. One is in the Army Reserve, one is at West Virginia University, and one is a senior in high school.

I have been an active member of our community because my community is important to me and I want to make it an even better place than it already is. I have led several community organizations and proud of all we have accomplished, particularly for the young people in our community.

Many of you know me, my family, and my dogs because of the column I wrote for six years for The Journal. You may recall that I like—no, I love—to hike. I particularly like hiking the Appalachian Trail. I love the outdoors, and participating in the Master Naturalist program is just my latest outdoor activity.

So, there you have it. That is a brief summary. Please explore this website, compare the candidates and make your decision. Most importantly, please remember to vote on May 10.

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