• CrossFit 25404

    CrossFit 25404

    Profile: CrossFit 25404 officially opened their box on October 15, 2012. They are a husband and wife team that are…

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  • Contemporary Music Center

    Contemporary Music Center

    Profile: Founded in 1989 Contemporary Music Center was established on the simple principle that everyone deserves the chance to learn…

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  • Chamber Image Book

    Chamber Image Book

    Pro Design worked in coordination with Hornby Publishing to create the 2012 Martinsburg Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce Image Book.

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  • Chamber Newsletter Cover

    Chamber Newsletter Cover

    Cover design for the 2014 Martisnburg-Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce newsletter. From the initial design, the chamber is able to…

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  • Treichler Chiropractic

    Treichler Chiropractic

    Profile: Treichler Chiropractic offers their patients top quality care and individual attention and provide athletes of all ages the platform…

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  • The Arrival

    The Arrival

    WVU Football 2012 Trailer (The Arrival) From DougityDog Released DougityDog does it once again... as if it were a surprise…

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  • Stonebrook, Inc.

    Stonebrook, Inc.

    Profile: Stonebrook specializes in dealing with difficult residents who have emotional and/or behavioral problems, along with their intellectual disabilities. Project…

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  • Tavon Awesome

    Tavon Awesome

    Jr Year Highlights from DougityDog Another top notch video production from one of our favorite's, DougityDog ( << Web site…

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  • DougityDog Media

    DougityDog Media

    Profile: Doug Cross, operator of Dougity Dog Media is currently a Full-Time Consultant with WVU Football, specializing in media marketing…

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