Infrastructure Services

Pro Design's staff have built and maintained IT infrastructures since the early '90s. Over the years we have been called on to provide architecture services for large e-commerce sites; We have been flown into foreign countries to rebuild security systems for major TV networks; We have helped small web site resolve operational issues and streamline their businesses. Many companies advertise themselves as jacks of all trades - they are usually masters of none. Pro Design has both the width and depth of expertise to handle your project. Our areas of expertise include:

  • System and network architecture
  • System and network provisioning and buildout
  • Cisco and juniper experience
  • Hardware-level experience with vendors including Sun, Dell, IBM, and Cisco
  • Significant experience with all major operating systems.
  • Implementation of monitoring systems from small web sites to Internet datacenters

Cloud Computing: Between hosting parts of our own infrastructure and consulting with several of our clients, we are very familiar with several of the larger cloud vendors of both Windows and UNIX/Linux platforms.

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