Managed Web Hosting

Managed Hosting Features

Everything you would find in the $35/month Secured Hosting service along with managed CMS hosting of your choice.

  • CMS Options: Drupal & WordPress
  • Managed Drupal Hosting: We love Drupal! Many of our web sites are hosted on Drupal, we've built many complex Drupal sites, and we've built a solid infrastructure custom tuned to monitor and manage Drupal for our clients. Our base Drupal install is more usable with our favorite modules installed and configured, your site will be served faster with our Varnish-accelerated servers, and our Drupal experience will help you grow your business.
  • WordPress Hosting: WordPress has a huge install base and it serves many, many people very well. We're happy to offer and support WordPress as a CMS platform on our Cloud.

$45 per month or $450 yearly

Contact us to sign up for your web site hosting today.

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