Secured Web Hosting

Secured Hosting Features

Affordable. Simple. Everything you will need to build a web site, packaged with comprehensive system management, monitoring, and intrusion detection.

  • System management: Our Secure Hosting servers are managed by the same infrastructure that manages our Cloud VPS. We actively monitor the health, performance, and security of our servers, and keep all systems up-to-date.
  • Reliable service: Our Secure hosting resides on a VPS Cloud infrastructure. All servers are redundant, data is stored on a redundant SAN, and customer data is backed up daily. For an additional charge, customer data and services can be replicated at a geographically remote area.
  • Comprehensive security: Managed network-, host-, and database-based intrusion detection. First we monitor your traffic at the network level for signs of mischief. Then we monitor the traffic through a web application firewall. If an attack gets through all of that, we monitor the database connections for signs of malicious traffic. On top of all that,we monitor critical system files for unauthorized manipulation, and system logs for suspicious activity.

$35 per month or $350 yearly

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