How Important Is My Ranking in Google?

Good job! You've finally made it to the top 10 listing on Google and you are showing up on the first search results page. But how valuable is that #10 listing? Or perhaps you are #5... is that any better? Well a breakdown provided from one of our SEO experts ranks Google's click-through ratios below and illustrates how valuable the top 3 positions are.

Google Ranking Average Click Through Ratios
#1 23%
#2 11%
#3 7%
#4 5%
#5 4%
#6 3%
#7 2%
#8 1%
#9 >1%
#10 and beyond? >.5%

The goal of any SEO program is to get you listed. From there, our SEO professionals work with your site and listings to improve to a top 3 listing in each of your coveted keywords, with the ultimate goal of placing in that #1 position.

That #1 position can be difficult and sometimes elusive to achieve due to many factors, but the main one being that your competitors are not sitting on their hands looking up at you playing King of the Mountain, which is why it is important to constantly manage and maintain your optimization program.

For less than the cost of quarter or half page newspaper advertisement, which will only reach your small local market, you can promote your web site to the entire country or world.

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