Web Development

We've been there. We've been flown to Europe to solve security issues for television broadcasters. We've written over one hundred thousand lines of Enterprise Java in a single year. We've performed secure code reviews of hundreds of thousands of lines of source code written by others. We've performed penetration tests - black, grey, and white box. We've cleaned up where others failed.

We eat, breathe, and live these things and we're ready to help you.

Pro Design, LLC provides services in three domains:

  • Information Security - From secure architecture designs to penetration testing and application security, we can help.
  • Development - Enterprise Java, mobile applications, web development - we know it.
  • Infrastructure - We've had the servers in the garage. We've also been responsible for 30,000 square foot datacenters. We bet your needs are somewhere in-between.

We believe that any strong practitioner in these areas must understand all three areas.