Web Site Hosting

Need secure web hosting but don't need a full VPS for your site? Our Cloud Secure Hosting is for you! By hosting your site on our Cloud Secure Hosting, you reap the benefits of managed security and infrastructure services without the additional cost of a stand-alone VPS.

Secured HostingAffordable. Simple. Everything you will need to build a web site, packaged with comprehensive system management, monitoring, and intrusion detection.

  • System management
  • Reliable service
  • Comprehensive security
Managed HostingEverything you would find in the $35/month Secured Hosting service along with managed CMS hosting of your choice.

  • Managed Drupal Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
Encrypted HostingThe ultimate in hosting. If you are collecting or receiving confidential or sensitive data, this is the package for you. Everything you would find in the Secured and Managed Hosting services along with database encryption and priority support.

  • Encrypted Database

$35 per month or $350 yearly

Mor eInfo

$45 per month or $450 yearly

Mor eInfo

$60 per month or $600 yearly

Mor eInfo

 Don't want shared hosting? Need more power?

If you feel shared hosting will not meet your needs, check out our secure cloud servers with flexible configuration and maximum security. CLICK HERE


Or do you just need the basics?

We also offer shared hosting starting at $10/month. Contact us for more information.