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Website Design St Paul Mn

Website Design St Paul Mn

Looking to set up a new website or revamp your existing one for your business? Watermark Design offers website design in St Paul, Mn. We offer other services such as web hosting, SSL Cert setup, and website health check as well. Contact us through phone, email, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

How to create an attractive web design

Web design focuses a lot on the presentability of your website to your clients. This includes aesthetics like the graphics and layout, but also the content. With regards to the visuals of a web site, the most successful websites that convert traffic into sales tend to have a simple but professional design.

A minimalist design not only looks sleek, but it makes important information easier to find. In minimalist designs, you try to minimize words and communicate through graphics as much as possible. Cluttered websites with distracting color themes and fonts not only looks unattractive and unprofessional but also makes it harder to find useful information.

For example, instead of describing the background of your company through paragraphs of written content, implement a visual timeline with graphics and important dates. For processes, flowcharts are better than numbered lists.

The importance of search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital tool to survive in today’s digital landscape. SEO makes sure that the content of your website matches what your potential consumers are searching for in your niche.

Search engines today have to handle millions of websites, and they will rank their results based on how relevant the content is to what people search for. The more relevant your content is, the higher your website will rank on a search engine.

Different search engines have different algorithms and ways they measure relevance and ranking. So, you should focus on search engines that are most popular with your demographic. If you want to find out more about SEO and website design in St Paul, Mn, contact us.

Web design services that we offer

We offer an eclectic range of web design services. Whether you are looking for a design makeover, better content, blogs, interactive content, integrations, or creating a quality WordPress site, we can help you.

If you want to improve your website’s compatibility, we can make mobile-friendly formats. If you want an e-commerce store, we can help with that too.

How do I get started with my web site?

Contact us through any avenue, such as phone, email, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We will then respond with a web form you need to fill out about your project. Based on your responses, we will get back to you with a timeline and quotation.

We will then create and share a Dropbox folder to create webpage mapping. We then provide you a draft of the home page layout. We use your feedback to create your website.

Are you looking for website design in St. Paul, Mn? Contact us at Watermark Design to start designing your website.

Website Design St Paul Mn
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Website Design St Paul Mn Website Design St Paul Mn

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