I’ve really enjoyed working with Brain on updating our website. We’ve been working together for over 20 years. What I look for in a web designer, is someone with loads of talent, new ideas, the latest technology, and “I can trust.” Brian fits all of these requirements.

At the beginning of the project my biggest concern was web site placement after the project was completed. Our site is still at the top of the google for our key words. Year over year our new site is getting 28% more visits since it went live. That’s thousands of new customers in 3 months.

I’ve been in the department of defense software/engineering industry for over 20 years. Working from project design, thru implementation phase, to completion was very similar to major projects I’ve worked on with Lockheed Martin, Computer Sciences Corporation, and CACI to name a few. We did have a major design change or two during the implementation, after initial design. The redesign was quick.

My best compliment is “I have recommended Brian for web site designs of many of my friends and partners.” Great job!

Todd Harman, Owner Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins, MTH Real Estate LLC, MTH Consulting